Dreads finally locked up.....thanking my wife publically

She started my dreads after we got married the first week of sept this past year. now end of February and they are all pretty much completely locked up nice. All thanks to my wife and her patented crocheting technique. i def got to make a youtube video or something cuz usually it takes a year of waiting just to get them half locked up looking like a slob. my dreads are pretty neat already and solid and tight. Just want them to grow out more and being impatient about that, I can almost pull them back to a ponytail except for the first row around my hairline. this is my 3rd time with dreads and the first time i havent worn a hat or bandanna for upwards of 2 years waiting for them to lock up, she just needs to do regular maintenance on my roots as they grow in and occasional knotting of loose hairs back into a dread to keep them looking clean, Tips are all blunted and i couldnt be happier considering im not even 6 months in yet. Maybe we can really patent this technique she invented and get some money out of it. Ill post some pics as soon as i get some good lighting. my hair is dark black and hard to see the dreadies in a picture.