Dreads finally done

My wife finished crocheting my hair to form dreadlocks this weekend. She did an amazing job! She really perfected her own technique. Doing it this way Should shave off alot of months of tightening to get to maturity, which is the messy nappy, ungroomed time i hate. Im too impatient and vain to go that unkempt for too long. I love them and i can finally feel comfortable going in public without a covered head.

This time they are th Perfect size i was going for, about a fat thumb. and they are laying nicely with my natural curls and cowlicks. I dont have many loose hairs, my roots are tight, and my tips are blunted, exactly what i wanted, she really did an awesome job for only trying it once before this. Anybody out there considering dreads i would definitely recommend the crochet technique, ask me for a video if you do and need help.

This is my 4th time with dreads and im so happy to have them back, this is the best set ive had so far. Now at least when i get eyeballed in public i wont make too much of it and just blame it on the dreads, which really helps with the anxiety. Just maintenance from here on out which is the easy part.

Heres a pic, i know @eyeofRa asked me for one a while ago. The lighting sucks and my hair is really dark so its a little hard to see. Ill try and post more in daylight.

Recovery is going fairly well but had a few hiccups lately so this has been a real boost for me to try and feel like my old self again. Huge props to my wife for all the work. Just married now got my dreads back, hopefully things are starting to look up.


My friend crocheted her dreads too. They really look awesome.

Looks good @Reggie Your wife did a nice job. How long did it take?

I didnt even count the hours, we just sit around and watch netflix and do hair. Its actually what we used to do when we first got together a few years ago so it was pretty nostalgic. I figure Prob a solid 20 hrs give or take a few. Started backcombing weekend of the 3rd to get the knots started, so on and off every weekend since. A hearty wash and cleanse in the middle of it and then Just going over them over and over until they were really tight. The first time i had dreads it took me over a year to get them this tight and this time im only on week 2. Im planning on having mature dreads in a month or two, which is an incredible time frame for my hair type. First time crocheting and now i dont know why i ever tried anything else.


That’s awesome. It’s awesome that you feel better with the dreads.

I feel ever so slightly better when I buzz my hair off, my scalp feels less itchy.
But my boyfriend won’t let me :expressionless:

Right now my hair is about 4 inches long all over.

Looks awesome!! Loc journey engaged!! :smiley: