Dreading getting into bed

Because however good(yesterday) or bad(today) that left leg is,pain wise, swinging iit onto the bed results in intense pain.Just taken 400 mgs ibuprofen . Will take some codeine in 3-4 houts time. If the oain remains as ii tis the chance of even halfway decent sleep is in single figures.

The pain is now also radiating to my lower left leg…

Have you seen a doctor?
Do you know the reason for the pain?
Is there a place on the leg that hurts way more than the rest?

GP is aware. Pain is the result of a couple of falls I had. a little while ago. The pain involves sore inner thigh/groin,achy knee and like someone has thrust a jagged piece of glass into my thigh.


Oh, ok.
It’s still pretty bad, but the wah you described the radiating pain I was worried you were having a clot.
My brother gets those.

But if it’s due to a fall there’s a bigger chance something got bruised or pinched.

Forgot to add that also every now and then it’s also like muscles are being loosened only to tighten again after a short while

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Geez. He needs to send you for an X-ray at the very least surely. Chase him up.

don’t take to much codeine. just normal doses every 4 hours or so

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Talked to GP via phone today. He reckons it’s nerve related.He didn’t specifically mention sciatica, but that tends to get worse when lying down , which fits my situation.

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