Drawn to the valley of the crescent moon

I was drawn to the birthplace of humanity in my experience.

We were born in the desert while they were transitioning us for their purposes of revenge.

“A life long walk to the same exact spot.” - Isaac brock in parting of the sensory

There was a very famous oasis planted long ago right around where I am living now.

It is becoming the full circle. We are entering the time of the hara-kiri-ma. When the unholy mother cuts out her own womb. Why would anyone do this you ask? Because when the split happened in this particular subset of conscious beings who were growing up the unholy mother came to be. One side finds balanced living and the other is you might say constantly “throwing her kids under a bus.”

It balances out naturally from the beginning of the first universes, if it goes out it comes back at some point to the place of it’s origin in one way or the other.

I stand in the birthplace of the human being right now, the valley of the crescent moon. They knew where but the others knew when.

Me, I’ve been adopted, just waiting to get the ■■■■ out of here and see what life really is and exactly what led up to us on earth and see this curse from the perspective of actual blessings.