Drawing i did today

it took 45 minutes. i don’t know what it means.


Very cool. Super abatract. I kinda see a bird worh a colorful beak


Its really beautiful work.

I was thinking of a video I saw on the pineal gland on THE UNIVERSE INSIDE YOU, a YouTube channel. It’s a new age channel and it’s convincing but the pineal gland video is a bit far fetched.

Pretty :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Great work! I love it.

I see a hummingbird studying a plant. A witch is overseeing the maneuver.

very nice…just a doodle?

Well, not exactly, I spent 45 minutes drawing it.

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Very beautiful to me I see a mum bird feeding the baby regurgitated food. I think that’s what they do in nature. Love it

Good work @Jinx .

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To me the drawing has something spiritual and natural. Like the colors.

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Doesnt have to have a meaning. It is abstract. Itll mean different things to different people. Nice drawing.

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Very beautiful.

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Oh neat thats cooler than mine. I would post but i throw away my sketchbooks, art, and journals on occasion. I wish i could show you the similarity. Cool idea. Thanks for the post.

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