Drawing(: charcoal Cobain

Sorry for the poor photo quality. phone broke so i used the webcam and it is not fantastic, as you can see. Been forever since i shared my artwork with anyone. It’s Kurt, obviously (i hope) !


Cool. I feel you added a little extra madness to Kurt on the left. I like that touch. Cool :sunglasses:!!

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i think that was an accident lol! thanks though(:

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That’s very good @Catch22!

Very good art! You are skilled.

wow, remarkable work !! I so love Kurt Cobain…thank you for sharing…I bet you could sell those on Ebay.

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Thanks everyone (: i appreciate it!

Super cool @Catch22!

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@Catch22 ur sketch is mind blowing…!!!

Keep it up…!! Btw where r u from…!!

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You are an artistic person, I love your work.

Wow wish I could draw like that
How long did it take to draw each one?

You captured the expressions so well, especially on the left! And the hands! Great job!

Thankyou(: And Canada, yourself?

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i think it took about three or four hours all together, with smoke breaks lol

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Awesome work
You did a really good job

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thank you so much!

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v good, you could probably make some cash doing art commissions tbh

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