Drama at the restaurant: Chapter 1

In 1978 I was at my busboy job and I showed up for my night shift without the required clip-on bow tie. Or so I thought. The manager ( who I did not like) sent me home to go get my tie and then come back. as soon as I entered the kitchen. I don’t think she was too fond of me either. Once she came to work in a real nice, pure white blouse. She was showing me how to tap the red wine keg and I accidentally spilled a quart of red wine all over her fancy blouse. I didn’t feel too bad about it but I was embarrassed and I think after that incident, she had it in for me.

I was 17 at the time. When I got home I didn’t feel like driving all the way back to the restaurant so I just stayed home and messed around watching TV or something. I didn’t really care about the job anyway and when she called me to see where I was I said, “I’m home” .She told me that not only was I fired but she told me I was banned from ever coming into the restaurant again, for any reason. i didn’t really care. And in the ultimate act of irony, when I took off my work shirt before going to bed that night I discovered that my bow tie had been in my shirt pocket the whole time.


Outch. Sorry about that.

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I had a couple good ones like that.

One was a supermarket. I slept in one day and the supervisor phoned me and asked why I wasn’t at work. So I just said “didn’t you hear? I quit” and that was that with that job lol.

Other one was bartending, they were trying to get me to be a bar manager and I didn’t want to do that. And was getting fed up with the place. They knew I was gonna quit soon anyway.
One night I just tossed the garbage bags on the street in the back alley.
The manager called me later and said that crows destroyed the bags and they got fined.
So I said “so do you want me to come back and finish my 2 weeks or am I just done now?” And that was the end of that job lol



I had a boss who fired me out of the blue in front of our ten man crew. He told me to turn in my company work shirt in a meeting. In an act of high drama I took the shirt off and told him he could take his shirt and shove it up his ass. For reasons I still don’t fully understand, he did not like me telling him that. So he had me come in his office with a buddy of his, then he locked the door, got in my face and proceeded to threaten me for a few minutes including threats that he was going to kill me. For reasons I still don’t fully understand, this worried me a little.

So when the boss fired me from my next job, I carefully refrained from telling him anything about shirts.


my next job: volunteering…_______

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I was once fired because i proved my sociopath boss wrong in front of the company owner…i refused to ok some car shocks with terrible welds…i learned later they were massively recalled because they were snapping at the crap weld within the first week of being installed…dumb ■■■■■■■ i would have saved them several hundred thisand dollars if they would have just scrapped them and tried again…

The boss is always right - is the best way to go if you care about your job. We have trouble with common sense and authority and when both of these troubles are present, we lose.

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