Drained and tired

Does anyone else get days when they feel drained and tired ,usually accompanied by a degree of anxiety?


This morning I woke up to terrible fatigue.
Feeling very drained of all energy today.
I’ve been feeling fatigued like this for a long time.

I brought it up to my family doctor and he kind of placed the blame on my current psych meds.

He suggested that I talk it over with my psychiatrist.

I don’t think it’s the psych meds for me as I’ve had spells of this for years.

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maybe it’s all psych meds?

I get this. I sometimes think I have no right to as my job is ok and I live on my own and don’t have the responsibility of wife and children but sometimes yeah. Ugh. I think it’s called ennui. Or getting older

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I get fatigued after things which I didn’t usually get fatigued by. It sucks. Like after shopping. I also wanna sleep early. Cos of depressive feelings.

I don’t think anyone knows the full effects of the medications we must take. But I don’t see any alternative. I get very tired often, too. I am on a high dose, so that may explain it. I wonder if this is just a form of feeling sedated.

I feel this way when I do something…

I get that way sometimes.
I’m going through such a phase right now, in fact. I feel anxious and worn out and fatigued and just overall overwhelmed.

I feel drained and tired today. Such a lovely sunny autumn day outside but I’m not motivated to do much beyond reading and listening to music. Feel dead.

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