Dr wants to try vylar

Has anyone taken this? I don’t see any posts!!!

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I think its a good one…!!!

I’m on abilify saphris xanax and temazapam and wants to addd…

I posted more info on what other meds on

Whats ur diagnosis bro…???

This is scrattyBut on this username…long story. I’m sch but not hearing voices just go through manic episodes. Was diagnosed with long qt when on risperdal and spent 3 months in hospital. I wigged out because I was supposed to be on a 3 month payment plan. Then I got a collections call…and then called hospital and said sorry…and has been only a year and a half. My psychiatrist thinks I’m being to manic and am to high of anxiety to let this piss me off so much. I don’t want to be a zombie

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3 year payment plan sorry

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There’s a few discussions on here about vraylar.


Doesn’t sound good…

Everybody reacts differently to every med. It’s probably a good idea to listen to your doctor.


It’s my favorite med. It took 6 years to find a med.

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Dr is waiting to put me on it until next appointment. He has some samples and omg expensive.

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Ty so much for link…abilify 30 mg, xanax, temazepam,artane and saphris…it’s a little overwhelming adding more to my regimen. Especially because I’ve been “naturally” angry with some hospital bills.

If I need will take. I just want to clarify, I follow my drs instructions.