Dr Laura, one of my favorite psychologists

I used to listen her show in America. I liked her guidance. But then after 9-11-2001 her show was taken over by some other people, because she did not want to commit a crime. They started using the show to influence people to create some new psychological orientation. I do not know if they were successful. Do you listen this show?

I used to listen to Dr Laura. I miss hearing her.

She’s not a Dr of psychology - biochemistry or something.

Wasn’t there some scandal involving her?

I listened to her for a while when she moved to Sirius radio for entertainment purposes because I think she’s a little nutty and you really have to parse through what she says to find meaning. She’s all about belittling people.

I liked listening to her because she cut through the crap.

I did a little reading on her. Some issues with her saying some pretty racist things regarding race and sexual preference.

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She is Jewish and has been with some Orthodox Jews with her black hat, which is why her belief system is similar to these orthodoxes who are very conservative in many matters.

Was she that right wing nut - who held on to racist views? God how I dislike her

In her early radio years, she was strictly psychological. She went off the radio in my town I think when her talking started to become politicized. She was probably influenced by Rush Limbaugh whose program came on right after hers.

What I remember is - she expressed her opinion about homosexuality and gay people got together and - what-do you call it - boycotted all the products of her sponsors. It made a big difference in her ability to continue. Around then was when she went off the radio in Nashville. fwiw…


Psychology is for the worried well…

You have a serious brain disorder you need medications and no amount of talking is going to help that if your not medicated!

That’s the simple story.

Psychology can help you with strategies to overcome certain things but often that has nothing to do with being afflicted with schizophrenia…

Pdocs are often constrained by time but are much more beneficial when it comes to treatment…

A friend in the struggle,


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Yes, she dealt with the worried well, not the mentally ill.