Dr jekyll Mr Hyde

I’m watching fight club again. I heard a reference to Dr Jekyll. I remember as a kid watching the cartoon Arthur and they made a song about it. Now I like searching for the root. I was directed to multi personality/ dissociative identity… …I lost myself already.I’ll leave it at this.

Cool Flick … … …

Hello how ya doin?

“Looks like secret police building” “No, no, it’s a newspaper, newspaper building.”

What does this have to do with fightclub other than the out-tro song? nothing. I just have my suspiscions as to whats going on in my life right now.

Starting to sound like you have an unhealthy obsession with that movie. :frowning:


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You were interested, nice to meet you, I’m the genuine article, dissociative identity, recovered.

I’ve read reports of concentration camp survivors coming face to face with…erm…employees of such institutions and knowing the second they looked in their eyes or heard their voice. Such has happened to me and me such has happened to them. One drizzly day in my mid 20’s my fiance and I stopped to admire an old sailing ship and as I was reading the plaque a car drives up and an old couple get out. The man walks up, looks me in the eyes as we are walking back to our car and says “I know who you are” and I say (out of my mind at the time) “port authority 1996” and he says “So you remember me?”

But no, my life was boring, no such things happened, I didn’t do a damn thing to that guy, I was a 13 year old kid at the time, but when it’s happened to me, I’ve known…that’s him, that’s him.

Sadly and Ironically , , ,

e(Y)e … ,

Well e(Y)e Um , , ,

e(Y)e Umm Have an Obsession as Well … ,

Unhealthy As What tha Fizzle tha Dizzle … ,

e(Y)e Am Totally and Awesomely Obsessed With Oxygen (!!!) ,

Yap Yap (!!!)

Yap yap indeed.


My oh My … ,

Whatever Do You Mean (???)

Disacociative is what they think I may have…as an additional diagnosis. They think my episode that I don’t remember are a pseudo personality of some sort that hasn’t matured. Some crap about how I want to go back to be a child and having no worries. I wouldn’t know though since I don’t remember the things I think…