Downhill slope

I’ve been feeling awful for like maybe a month I’ve tried to hide it from everyone… I’m done taking medication… the voices are very loud and they are telling me to do things… I’m scared to take my medicine as it is poison…as well as food …the mental health team that I see have pretty much screwed me over I was told that my worker was leaving … I haven’t heard or seen them in about 3 weeks… I can’t sleep as I’m scared I will be murdered in my sleep

Times are tough



Hey man, try to take your meds they are not poison they will help you… Second thing, reach out to family if you have any they will help you, third thing, if things are really bad go to the hospital they will help you too!


I see my gp in a week he gives me my meds … I don’t think going to the hospital will help I don’t think they care I haven’t been admitted for a long time thanks again

What meds are you on? Why is it so hard to take some pills?

I’m on clozapine…, just the sounds I hear when I take them

You mean the voices?

Yeah They feel real

How long have u been on the AP? Cos it can take a while to kick in


I feel the same but I haven’t been scared of being killed during my sleep as much as before. I just want to take benzos and maybe antidepressants to feel better.

I’ve been on clozapine for maybe 5 years

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Ya gotta try and remember your illness doesn’t want you to get better. You’ve got to take meds and be compliant to see results. Have faith in your drs, and if doesn’t work, have them write a new rx. Please take care, and I bet if you did a poll 99% of us hate taking pills🤗edit crap I didn’t link right sorries…that’s what happens when zilch for sleep

Thanks for all your help

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i wouldn’t advise youo go off meds…that would be inviting trouble

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I am thinking that since you called the medicine poison that you have maybe skipped some doses.

It is not poison or poisened. It is from the same place you always get it.

Do you think maybe you feel worse because of the change in your caseworker? Not many people like it when the choice to keep a caseworker, doctor or therapist is not our own choice.

If it has been 3 weeks then call the place that is to give you a nnnew case worker. People slip through the cracks if they dont keep up with those trying to help them.

My advice is keep taking ur ap consistently… I liked taking it at the same time each day that helped too… Things can still get better :hugs:


talk with your psychiatrist maybe you need a med change…

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