Doubts about being here surface from time to time

Fuelled by people suggesting you’re not really ill ,and the realisation that yes you are not as ill symptoms wise as many people here.

Having said that my social functioning is probably as bad or worse than quite a few here.

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I think we all question if we are too well to be here at times. Don’t worry no one is here by accident. Don’t worry what other people think.

Sometimes I hope I can get more of a life outside the forum but I’m pretty sure I belong here too.


Please don’t let them get to you. You’re a very valued member here! I would really miss you if you left.


I think you’re a really cool dude @firemonkey.

I apologize if I don’t respond to a lot of your threads.

My focus kinda stinks, sometimes I’ll be scrolling and I’ll mean to click on a thread and forget.

Anyways! Please stick around. :slight_smile: You contribute a lot of awesome articles and viewpoints.


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That’s ok.

I guess struggling with focus is a problem for a lot of us. It can be hard to keep up with everything.


Focus does seem to be a common struggle.

I know I talk about reading a lot, but I can only read about 100 to 200 page books. Sometimes a little longer, if it holds my interest.

And I have to keep my headphones on when I read.

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You’ve been a good friend over the years @firemonkey.

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