Doubting a recovery, need a plan

My strain is pretty deeply embedded and symptoms started in middle school; I don’t know what a normal life for me might look like - they’re omnipresent, and often subtle. There are aspects too subtle for me to even identify.

I have doubts for getting better, and could use some help outlining a recovery plan.

Have you been officially diagnosed with anything?

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schizophrenia in 2019

Are you on medication?

Are you taking any antipsychotic meds?

I’ve been on several but medication can’t solve every symptom

Are you on any at the moment though?

seroquel and clonazepam

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That’s a great start then !

It sounds like you’re already on top of things.

What is it you’d like to change or improve though?

I’d like to live up to my full potential, whatever that might mean. I’m very, very frequently tired out by even minor inconveniences, made sad by things that are irrational, and angry at things that don’t deserve it. I’ve looked into stoicism to cull my emotions and relieve myself of some of the associated fatigue but it’s just not working. The sadness in particular is pervasive.

I’d like a husband one day and maybe a family; I’d like to redeem myself of my current uselessness maybe


Did you report this to your psychiatrist?

If you’re having issues with your mood, your psychiatrist should know about it and be able to help.

Have you tried any other meds other than seroquel?

my therapist and psychiatrist have both been made aware of the things I’ve said here, I’ve tried using several medications, sero./clo. are just the end of the chain

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I’m not a doctor, and so I can’t give you any medical advice.

But just out of curiosity have you tried Abilify? I’m on Abilify and it has mood stabilizer properties.

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i’ll ask my doctor, I appreciate the suggestion for medication.

when you were prescribed, did you have chronic fatigue? does the drug make you drowsy in your experience?

it’s alright if you can’t give me medical advice; besides medicine, have you (assuming you were diagnosed) recovered any, and what did you do to if you have?

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No I didn’t…

No it doesn’t.

I was a basket case, in and out of hospital until I got on abilify, so that was the biggest factor i.e. finding the right med for myself.

Finding the right med is just personal trial and error unfortunately. What works for one person may not work for another.

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I guess it depends on a lot of factor. I developed drug induced insomnia after 7 years on anti psychotic olanzapine. Suddenly my brain was unable to sleep anymore unless I took the ap at a certain time of day. I also suffer from chronic stress which also is caused by the drugs.

I’m really up for changing meds, but I need to be stable for a long period before I try I feel.

personally I’d like to not need medication
sorry to hear about the insomnia

Oh, youare almost like me :slight_smile: You want a recovery and me too, i dont like my life as it is now…
Well, try to push a bit, positivity helps. Try things that you couldnt do before by babing steps if you need. On me too the meds dont work fully till a recovery, i suffered a lot cause not a single med didnt help me in my life. My pdoc said to pay efforts now, to try to regain some life too…
Me, i have my paranoia which makes me run away from the people. But i guess, that we should try to exteriorize some symptoms… Talk, shout, scream, cry when you need it, just run away from the darkness as the best if you can. Maybe youll need time, maybe we should still be patient though.
One question @freepB , me i have fears too and paranoia, i see that you are prescrived clonazepam too. You take it daily since 2019? I wonder if we can develop an addiction to it, thats all. But i also need it, it helps some…
For the rest, me personnaly i am on zyprexa and clonazepam. But the zyprexa is very sedative, i take it causemy paranoia is strong and this med still struggles to help more :confused:
Take care :slight_smile:
p.s. Yesterday ive thought of the movie ‘‘Fight club’’, i guess you know the movie. The guy was in bad situation too, it made me think also oh how precisely we could fight, but me too i am often here still very sick in my lonely evenings…

The best plan is to find the right meds. Have you tried Invega?

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I don’t know how addictive it can be but withdrawl can be frustrating