Double yolk egg and other oddly exciting things

I got a double yolk egg making breakfast burritos and was major excited about it.

I even made my husband come and look at it.

What are some odd things you get really excited about?

For some reason, probably OCD, I really like it when the forum has a factor of three in the blue bar telling how many new replies.

Sometimes I’ll wait for a three just for the satisfaction.

Also get really, really excited about seeing hummingbirds.

Which is dumb because I see like fourteen a day.

Every time I feel like it’s special and watch them until they’re out of sight.

Do these things happen to you?


Yes. I get excited over little things. It varies but people say it’s easy to make me happy. For instance, I love Coke Zero but it’s not good for me so I limit it to when I clean. After each chore, I get to have a few sips. I don’t enjoy cleaning so it’s my reward system and makes me very happy


I used to get excited over small things but nothing fases me anymore


I also have a reward system associated with my cleaning schedule.

Makes it all worth it.


Yup!!! :slight_smile: 1515

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Such a yolker. Always yolking around.



I get excited when I catch the clock on 11:11. :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Ha, I get excited over the littlest things. Double yolk eggs just make my day.

I can’t even list everything because I never know what will do it. I’m easy to appease and delight.

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I saw a hummingbird this morning and yesterday afternoon.

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I was gonna say that! :smile: Also when the clock is other numbers, but they still all match, like 3:33.

I also get excited when I have the perfect amount of something. Like having cereal, I go to pour the milk and there is the exact amount of milk I need. Or exact amount of cereal (which I measure with a measuring cup, as I need to know exact carbs of what I’m eating).

And probably some other things that I can’t think of right now.


Since I’m massively introverted, I usually get excited when I think a new, unusual thought. I turn it upside down and look at it from different angles, then I toss it aside and wait for the next one to pop up.

A question for everyone:
Where do thoughts come from? How do they form and why? What is the driving force behind spontaneous thinking?


I always get excited at Dollarama.

Lemon Nestea which I love is only 87 cents a bottle. I usually buy 5 of them. My daughter laughs when I keep bringing up how it’s such a great deal…the excitement in my voice.


Getting Canadian pennies in my change or old pennies from the fifties with the wheat fronds on the back.

Stocking my refrigerator with Diet Coke and thinking I drank the whole 12-pack and craving a Coke and discovering there’s actually one left.

Here’s a rare one with the old rotary phones: picking up the phone to make a call and someone you know is on the line. They just dialed and called you but you picked it up before it rang.

I like squirrels; makes me happy watching them.

Seeing my Social Security check direct deposited each month.

Having a shitty morning at work and having someone wish me a good morning will instantly change my mood for the better and last for awhile.


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