Double Trouble

So my boyfriend and I adopted 2 5 month old kittens. They are very cute and sweet and playful. But they are also a huge handful!! Trying to feed them is like sharks in a bloodbath, they go crazy and try to get into the food as you’re putting it in the bowls. We are trying to train them not to jump on the counters. They love all food and try to steal it, they will constantly jump up while we are cooking and have done things like eat cereal right out of my bfs bowl if he steps away for 2 seconds. Also at night they are very hyper and climb all over us so we have had to start shutting them out but they are very clingy so any second we open the door they dart in or they meow at it. They also get into so much trouble, if the trash is open they get into it, if the toilet is open they get into it, one of our cats tried to jump into the oven as my boyfriend was using it the other day!

Its been exhausting!! But I know this is just because it is the training period. If anyone has any tips for creating more well behaved cats please let me know :sob:


That’s one of the first things we (me and my ex) gave up on with our cats. As long as they are properly litter trained you’ll be eventually all right.

A spray bottle works wonders. A spritz when they jump on counters or anywhere you don’t want helps. They won’t recognize it at first, but eventually they will just stop what they are doing if they see you pick it up.

When I got my dog when she was a puppy it was exhausting. Stick with it cause it’s worth it.

I think it should be possible to learn your cats commands. I can just say “go down” with a commanding voice if my cat goes up on the kitchen table or anywhere else where I don’t want him to go. He learns and seldom goes there anymore, at least when I am present. He has a few “red zones” he knows to avoid.

But I don’t know if they will learn too good before they get a little bit older. When they are a half year of age I would think they begin to understand better.

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