Dosing cbd for anxiety

I’m getting a tincture of cbd. Some good stuff. Trying to not buy thc anymore. And hardly use it at all. But gonna need something cuz I get anxious.

Does anyone know a good dose for cbd for anxiety. What’s a good regiment throughout the day.

When I was in Florida I did cbd and was fine but then I go back home I do thc again but I don’t need it. It’s holding me back. But cbd will do…

When I was using CBD,

I bought pills that were 30mg each.

I had to take two to get any of the benefits.


dose pure CBD range in the 20-40 mg range. start with 15 for the first week. thats what ive read anyway for anxiety. Effects take a while to see benefit if it is 0% THC. For faster results you would want a cbd thc mixture of 30mg CBD to 0.3% or less THC, which can be hard to find and still can be psychoactive for some schizophrenics, so if you have tried 30:1 ratio CBD/THC oil, and felt worse (paranoid/anxious/uneasy) then I definitely wouldn’t even try a oil with 0.3 thc in it. Pure hemp CBD oil has benefits but these are highly debatably and most studies (and personal experience) show that they aren’t much better than placebo. But everyone is different, it could work, but give it two or three weeks to see benefit.

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