Dose smoking ciggs raise psychosis when have psychosis from meds poll yes or no

  • yes
  • no
  • unsure

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I read somewhere that it does increase risks for psychosis. So I say yes.

It can make the meds less affective… My pdoc advises that if i slow down on smokin let her know so she can adjust my meds to less…


It helps me a lot. My psychologist said it makes the medication work less. But without smoking I’m like a corpse, just laying in bed all day.

If anything ciggies calm me down - not raise my psychosis. Im a 60 rollup a day man, and id be lost without a smoke.

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Itsme is right. Smoking or stopping smoking can affect some meds.

Smoking is the only thing that brings me out of my little confinement of life I live isolated in my own room.

I used to smoke like a dragon. Never made me psychotic. Being off meds made me psychotic

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