Dose Music block out effects? or not?

Just trying new methods to focus during study.

Dose music help out you guys?
I am trying to study and focus.
It seems I am not able to hear the effect of voice during music listening.

anybody else?

Music helped through a lot of times.

Now the voices only seem to be there when I think about them. Which I don’t do a lot of.

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Do you take med as well?

When I need to. Do you?

I stopped. Just one day thinking about side effects. I had stomach acting up and also sound seemed like physical. Which I was able to record the sound…(more confusion…)

What I didn’t know was that you shouldn’t stop the medicine all sudden… well I kinda did slowly…
symptoms were gone for almost for year than not so sure anymore…

Symptoms returning then? OR did they never stop?

Music makes weird thoughts go away, but when I silence the music start to listen to internal music, its weird, so I’m always listening something

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I am not so sure… It only happens when I am at home. Even at quietest point in library the symptoms dose not appear…
I cannot seem to find good psychiatrist to talk to. Due to not having good insurance…

I hope that is not my internal imaginative voice… T__T ( cries)

Stephen King listened to AC/DC blasting at full volume while he wrote. Personally, so many popular songs describe my situation so clearly. It’s hard not to believe they were written about me personally.

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Yeah man that’s what sucks about sz. Specialist seem to nowhere to be found.

Well dude voices are weird. Mine follow a pattern. Used to hear them every second I was alone. Now they are just triggered by white noise sometimes. My thinking sometimes will set off the guilt switch which triggers voices as well.

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0 _ 0 Stephen king had the symptoms too???

Not for me. If I’m wearing headphones, I can hear voices in the music.

…I think mine sort of works like that…

Mine sort of started with my neighbor keep fighting.
Guy and Female keep fighting and all night all day.

It went far as trying to kill each other. So, I called police and they thought I keep calling them because of prank calling.
They end up sending me to psych world…

What really got scared was that voice continued inside the hospital room. you know where you get all locked up in the room. I was having shocking moment.

I thought I might have this issue because my parents had divorce early in my developmental life and had fight often…
never expected to happen in college life.

Not music. Music probably triggers anxiety for me. What really helped me was doing Sudoku and math problems.

Whatever he had, he had a wild imagination to go with it.

it can, i like u2 just now but if you find something you like then thats good.

Sucks… Sorry to hear that… mine sort of disappears if I set as above low volume.

Sorry to hear that… T_T

Math I have to improve.!! : D

When I’m not medicated, I can walk for days, listening to my music and making music videos in my head.

I also think other people can see my videos and hear my music. This also comes with the voices. They say things like “don’t play video games.” Actually they never shut up.

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