Dopaminergic, Noradrenergic, Adrenal, and Thyroid Abnormalities in Psychotic and Affective Disorders

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A controlled study that leads to conclusions that match what actually occurs in the biochemical background of a schizophrened person during the sz’s stages

Starting with a comparison between 4 different conditions as following;
1-The current chemical state that precedes the sz(before sz)
2-The chemical state after the sz event occurs and during the impact
3-The chemical state positions which has been going under the impact of sz events and the impact of medical intervention
4- After 4 weeks, the chemical state positions while it is under the impact of sz events and the medical intervention has stopped

Study 2,3,4 in both of the mindfulness period time and during the sleep time !
At first,make the main aim that you looking for is to prove if the effect is autogenous (self-originating ) or non self-originating !!

DO not mess with the givens of nature ,and do not theoretically assume a situation that does not exist ,and believe that there are many details to accurate the research more than your expecting

I want to tell you,like the medical intervention is external factor that impacts the chemical background of the person,the the effect is external factor too ,and it is represented in the things be called hallucination