Dopamine theory is not true

Why some people take few meds. With high doze and some take one low doze.

Medication suppress every neurons, not only dopamine, and this illness caused by different mis function neurons, so when someone takes few high doze pills luckily it blocks the neuron that plays role on psychosis

Everyone is different. Based on what I have read/researched and watching my son and what medications work best with him, his brain produces too much dopamine.

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I think the reasoning now is that there is an optimal range of dopamine and that too high or low dopamine in different parts of the brain can cause positive and negative symptoms respectively.
In my case I have the met/met allele of the The Val158Met polymorphism which results in higher synaptic dopamine levels following neurotransmitter release but within the optimal range . This results in better cognition . However under stress it results in tipping over to too much dopamine and cognitive performance worsens. This also results in more likelihood of a psychotic reaction to stress compared to val/val or val/met variants.
It is said by quite a few that antipsychotics deal well with positive symptoms like paranoia while exacerbating negative ones to do with drive and motivation etc. My own experience would agree with this… This suggests that current antipsychotics are a blunt tool and not optimally geared to cope with the complex actions of dopamine in the brain.

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