Dopamine Plays Double Duty in Learning and Motivation - Neuroscience News


Sucks that our meds have to screw with dopamine.


@everhopeful . Can you explain what the study means to me. Do antipsychotics block dopamine so we’re not getting so much of it in our system? Is that why we’re not motivated to do anything on them? Is this study concluding we need dopamine to be motivated and learn? Thanks for a reply…you’re a real star!


wouldn’t be nice if we had a drug that regulated dopamine instead blocking it.

It’s okay @everhopeful think I found the answer

Increases in dopamine activity in certain parts of the brain can contribute to the positive symptoms of schizophrenia. Meanwhile, reduced dopamine activity in other parts of the brain may affect negative and cognitive symptoms. Dopamine is just one of many factors involved in schizophrenia symptoms.

Wish the studies would talk in easy to understand language for people like me. :slightly_frowning_face:.

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