Dopamine and serotonin

2 words in a puzzle …

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anyone here,15 15 15…

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Dopamine = pleasure. Serotonin = happiness.

no psychotic disorders if there was NO. dopamine and serotonin

I think that’s impossible. You mean low levels? Typically a person has one which is more dominant than the other. It is relatively rare for one to have either high or low levels of both.

them 2 play a part in it

A part in what exactly?

A part in a psychotic episode

Well, apparently dopamine does.

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dopamine and serotonin plays a part

Dopamine plays a part in positive symptoms, serotonin plays a part in negative symptoms.

and the tablet we take whats that do?

Its really a lot more complicated than this = this. These are neurotransmitters which send messages in the brain. Unlike what is popularly assumed, tweaking them in a very general way does not create precise moods or feelings. Yes it does alter one’s brain function, but then again it might not. It all depends on the individual. So more of a neurotransmitter in a general area does not equal automatic happiness or pleasure in many cases.

Dopamine for example has many functions in regulating emotions and other brain and body functions. Serotonin is similarly complex in its effects on the brain and body.

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Not just dopamine and serotonin, but other brain chemicals play a part in mental stability and lack there of like GABA and epinephrine and norepinephrine and others some we’ve probably never heard of.

OK but which are the ‘‘main’’ two…?

There was a drink talked about on this website called Tyrodep. It was supposed to block dopamine. I wonder if it’s still around.

coke inreases dopamine

Dopamine is pleasure, reward, reinforcement, addiction, movement.

Serotonin is mood, sleep, eating, it is not really a neurotransmitter, it is more of a neuromodulator, it acts everywhere.

What is interesting to note is that a 5HT2A—D2 heteroreceptor complex has been recently discovered as well as 5HT2A—mGluR2 complex as well which both contribute to hallucinations, psychosis, delusions, schizophrenia, depression, etc

The CNS is to me the most fascinating system of the human body. I highly doubt we know everything there is about it.

After 5 years of torture, my dopamine and serotonin levels are just right. Just remember serotonin, seroTONIN, helps you TONE IT DOWN, get it?

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