Don'tcha hate that feeling

I had an ant walking on my wrist over an hour ago. I smashed him and flicked him off. Now the back of my scalp won’t stop itching and my hands won’t either. I hate that feeling where you have an unpleasant sensation then it keeps happening long after it’s over. Argh!


Learn to respect the small creatures

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Ohh so we are going down that route? It is a common thing easily dealt with by drinking a copious amount of water then holding it and then releasing it I have a worked out method of eliminating that ugh. It doesn’t take that long.

yes I get that feeling sometimes too…hate it…sorry man…

I’m sorry :frowning:

Sorry you feel in that way, I try to save ants.

When its only one ant, i blow it off. When they are many i wipe them off.

Being overly sympathetic towards insects kind of loses it’s purpose when you use it to make people feel bad about just living their lives in a normal way.

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