Don't You Wish Sometimes?

The Russian-US Summit began and the Russian leader was surprised to see a chess board lying between them. The US leader said, “At least this is not Russian Roulette.” The Russian leader said, “I don’t think we invented that game but I agree. It would not be wise for our nations to play Russian Roulette in our military affairs.” (The Russian leader quickly won the chess game.) Then the Russian leader said, "If you are up to it we’ll play a game of US children to help dispel rumors of my health. I believe it’s called “Twister”. The American leader laughed and they played it to the shock of their fellow aides. (I can’t tell you who won.) Then the US leader said let’s play some dice games. Several were played with mixed results. They then played checkers which the US leader won. Then the US leader said, “OK let’s talk.”

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Oh well politics are taboo on this site and Russian Roulette is not cool. I have a feeling I won’t get a response to this one. Next time I’ll write about cheese bread, or grilled cheese sandwiches.

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cheese bread sounds nice lol

Or they can both joke about how each country has the illusion they the average person decides who is elected lol

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Yep this thread is history now.

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