Don't you think that we have too many members on this site posting about schizophrenia?


more like fart knights. :laughing:

and yeah, I agree: just because 99% of us are schizophrenic, that doesn’t mean that we have to discuss that MI all the time. not every little things is about us.


No, I don’t think we have too many members on this site posting about schizophrenia. This is a schizophrenia site. You should be schizophrenic to post here. I think there are altogether too many bipolars posting on this site but that is just my opinion for what it is worth. The name of this site is Let the schizophrenics come!!!


Hey we love our mi brothers and sisters…plus part of sza is bipolar stuff so unless we divided into Sz and sza your gonna get bp issues…the sza seem for the most part more chatty than the Sz…in general…


I’m shocked :sob:, It’s a crazy world, I use a public toilet once and I get Schizophrenia, Luck of the draw I guess. Sorry for mentioning Schizophrenia.

I really need more advice on my big toe and dry skin???


Minors? Yes, very concerning. I’m not a minor as I don’t have a shovel in my hand but I see what you’re saying. I mean minors tend to dig into things a little too deeply. We’ll have to seal the shaft on this one.


Clearly it’s @MrSquirrel no longer a mod and keeping the rifraf out?

Perhaps I should resort to my trump card, by reopening institutions and taking up basket weaving?


I wanted to post about the cheerleader collection I store in the trunk of my 1976 Chrysler Newport, but my lawyer advised against it. Speaking hypothetically, of course.



what did I just read :0


I did the math, they would be in their 50’s by now


eww, are we changing our name to


Collectible! They’re only going up in value now.



Sometimes I talk about marsupials.
Other times I don’t.


That is completely off-topic, Treebeard! :pensive:


don’t you think that we have too many members on this site posting with big words? well, I do. one of those big words is “schizophrenia.”


I’m posting in my underwear. Yeah.



You might want to bring them on Antiques Roadshow :smile:


Rented them out as props to an Egypt exhibit. Take away the pom-poms and no one can tell the difference. :wink:


No !!! A closed group is myopic and selfish thinking.


What, shcizophrenics on a schizophrenia forum posting about schizophrenia? Really? Whodathunkit…?? I like your sense of humour Nick :-):rofl:


Yeah, it gets me out of trouble.