Don't you think that we have too many members on this site posting about schizophrenia?


This is a trend that I have been noticing a lot of lately. It’s very distracting. I’ll admit I don’t
know what to do about it. I’m stumped. Maybe the moderators should look into this. It really has me worried.

You have to take a hard line with people or they will try to get away with anything.

If @SzAdmin doesn’t keep watch more closely, then I bet people will even start trying to post about medication and psyche wards.

Is this site becoming...?

what are you talking about? can you show an example ?


The 9 guardians will look into this…it is a deeply disturbing trend…once mickey mouse awakens from his slumber in Valhalla he will be notified…


He can catch up on his sleep tomorrow. It’s imperative that he be awakened right now.


If you are talking about Mouse - I spoke to him on Insta and he is doing well… he is focusing on studies he told me.


No way Odin was the last one to wake him…he’s missing an eye now…he might tell you he did it himself for all the knowledge in the universe…but no you don’t wake lord mickey up from his nap…


No mickey mouse the overlord of our world and many others…





It’s troubling, I agree. All I can say is, flag it if you see it, and we’ll try to redirect to conversation to structural engineering and tax code as best we can.


I don’t like to tattle but I have seen at least three different people post about and discuss psychiatrists of all things.
Could you please PM them and discreetly ask them to not be so inappropriate. After all, we have minors on here.


What exactly is the kind of head they think they are wearing?


What? you mean to say that the religion and politics discussions have finally run their course?? Amazing. :smile:


“too many members” = “United we stand, divided we fall” this is my favorite quote :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ha the boss made a topical joke on the state of his kingdom last monthish…lol @77nick77 I tip my hat to you sir the protector of the realm has smiled upon your jest…


Forsooth noble @flameoftherhine, I have thwarted the knaves who seek to silence me. Ay, it was a mighty jest, it will go down in lore for many fortnights to come.


I agree the internet and this site is only for posting youtube clips and cat memes.


They might as well call it or something.


Yeah its like being at the party where everyone talk about their inside joke and you’re just standing in the corner drinking your juice. :frowning2:
But the juice is actually rakia so everything is fine.


Everyone knows we should be talking about pig farming. Some people just don’t get it.


anarchy anyone? lol