Don't you just hate it

When you think of something only for it to slip from your mind. You then find yourself trying to recall what it was , and getting increasingly frustrated because you can’t.


Yeah. I’m losing a lot of stuff now. I sometimes remember but most times It just floats away to the ether. A reason I think life goes by so quickly when your older. You forget most mundane things and time flys!


It’s a fairly occasional thing with me, but still frustrating .

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I’m sixty years old, and I do that a lot. I hope it’s not Alzheimer’s.

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I think when you reach a certain age you can get worried that you are suffering from dementia . I’ve certainly done that .

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I’m 51 and I think the same thing, my memory is scary.

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I’m only 31, I was talking to my case manager about music I couldn’t remember a band’s name that I use to enjoy listening to

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I just blame all my memory problems on the ECT.

I constantly get up from relaxing to get something I need from another room and then walk in and completely forget what it was I wanted.

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I get this too, but I’m only 24

i have found after all those studies i did some med do it some meds don’t . or the brain farts the same.

I have memory loss badly
But I think it’s because they are trying to erase my mind so I can’t tell I’m them or find them

Sometimes I get up to get something in another room and when I get there I have no idea why I’m there or what I was looking for.
Sometimes it will come back to me, sometimes it won’t.
I call it a brain fart.

When I was working, I’d suddenly get confused and forget how to do my job. I’d forget how I got there and everything. I couldn’t work anymore. When we had 2 cars I’d find myself somewhere and have no idea where I was or how I got there. It was really disorienting and scary. It hasn’t happened in the last 2 months though and I haven’t had a car to take anywhere. It’s so scary when it happens

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I hate when I try to say something then I get interrupted and then I forget it. Happens more than you’d think lol

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