Don't you hate that?

Don’t you hate it when people call you lazy but they can’t see the internal bleeding?

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Time to show 'em who cares. Convince them no coffee mate is needed for the cup is not filled.
But maybe you gotta explain those coffee grounds…

Doesn’t bother me. I don’t require validation from others to feel okay about myself.


The culture has it quite twisted on laziness/apathy.

Just looking at the state it is in and going, and it is clear that society has little to no regard of breaking free from apathy.

I mean, I think of what society has to offer that is worth something to humanity and society as a whole and there isn’t much regard for it.

But there is great esteem for all things which aren’t valuable to life and right living.

Society: Being paid millions to do nothing but have people working under you is okay.
Society: Working for companies which support slave labor/child labor is perfectly acceptable.
Society: Regards messages from music about peace and love as being ideal, but doesn’t uphold these in their daily life - not even in their own homes!
Society: Health is something treated half-assedly. Lots of medical doctors don’t educate their patients on how to become healthy as much as it is they allow themselves to be ruled by the ones inventing new pills to sell.

Bah, lots to say about this, but yeah. Apathy is a big problem and society has it in spades. There are plenty of people “in motion”, but not guided at all.

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Three or more times my boss shouted me because of sleeping in the office.