Dont worry, it'll be alright

Is it silly to say these things?

Dont worry, it’ll be alright

never, it is always good to give reassurances!


i remember a time when i was just thinking, ‘dont say that, it will never be alright’ but now i tend to say it to myself a lot and also other people like Alison and my mum, i think it is a good thing but sometimes i think people just dont believe it.

when my late GF first died, a nurse pulled me aside and said “I know it hurts now, but it will be okay, you will feel better one day”

For the first year I hated those words, not because they seemed untrue, but because I believe that the only way they COULD come true is if I forgot Sam. I know better now, but those words helped me a lot later on. So even if it seems like the person wont take it well, say it anyway, because eventually they will treasure those words.

Absolutely nothing wrong with giving yourself and others a little bit of hope to believe in…the trick is in the believing part.

You have to believe it yourself before you can convincingly get others to follow.
It will be alright, eventually of course, just don’t try to guess when, since no one knows exactly when, but it will get better.