Don't worry, be happy

I rather be happy than sad


Play it agian.

Sam…20 characters

This is one of my favorites. I like to play it during a rain storm and dance.

“I’d rather be a hammer than a nail”.
“I’d rather be a forest than a street”.
“I’d rather feel the earth below my feet”.
“Yes I would”.

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■■■■ happiness, it makes no sense in our situation, this isn’t a happy place at all.

well you might as well seek happiness even in an unhappy place?

It’s funny I’ve been miserable when I should have been happy as a clam and happy when I should have been miserable. I need to remember this when I’m looking back in jealousy of what I once had…I was miserable at the time.

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Me too. If the happiness is real, and not just covering sadness.

Yeah I was going to say - there are too many phony smiles. People, many of them are crying on the inside, but put on a phony face- Because our society does not like it when people show their true selves, we are not a warm and understanding bunch usually. Depression and miserable people are turned away - it is not acceptable in the eyes of our society to show sadness or despair - Phoniness and insincerity reign supreme

I like to be happy and sad and sideways and hopeful that things will get better.

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Today, I smoke cigarettes, this makes me sad…Tomorrow, I stop smoking, this makes me afraid and happy at the same time…I will finally have a chance of stopping without being able to buy cigarettes even if I wanted them…I’m about two hours from going to bed, and I am going to finish my last pack and then douse all the butts in the trash can so I can’t have any tomorrow…locking myself down…preparing for the worst…there is a lot to be said about trying to be happy, although for me, it’s so hard to come by…I see my friends on facebook being so busy and happy…are they really?