Don't Worry About Turkey Shooting Down a Russian Plane

I lived during part of the Cold War and I know that as far as the USSR-USA direct confrontation went it was 99% talk and 1% action. Oh sure both countries sent troops to places and the other side sent weapons to the opposition who gleefully bloodied them up. But the main focus of the Cold War is not what the planes do unless they stray over the other’s territory but what the ground forces do and there are no ground forces crossing into Turkish or Russian territory right now or any other NATO country for that matter. Besides all the Civil Defense shelters have been taken over by Wal-Mart anyway. So what you will more likely expect is a lot of saber rattling and arguing between Russia and Turkey and the US and others pledging to support Turkey and a brief panic on the World stock markets and the news sources freaking out for a while. The Russians may even make a minor military retaliation or more likely use economic means to retaliate. If the Syrian army marches into Turkey backed by Russian air power then its time to be worried. Actually the incident may be in retaliation for an attack by Russian planes on an ethnic Turkish village in Syria which may mean that retaliating is done and the action is already over. I suppose it may be interesting to watch however if you like C-SPAN.

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it is all flag waving :flags: .
long term peace in this area of the world will come down to diplomacy.
take care :alien:

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