"don't worry about people liking you...."

be sure they are doing right by you"

Quote from the new denzel washington flick

Got it from a trailer in a youtube ad


What movie?


It;s called Fences

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After not being liked during most of my school years (or I think now that some people liked me but I wasn’t aware of it or I didn’t let people like me) I really appreciate being liked now by people. It’s still always surprising when people like me but it feels good so I’m not going to knock it.


Do you realize that no one is trying to be not liked?

I think you see my point.

I wish I could be that way. Ever since forever I’ve desperately needed everyone to like me. I always chameleon shift my personality to get along with whoever I’m interacting with. It’s sad. It’s gotten a bit less intense as I’ve gotten older though.

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I do the same thing–the chameleon shift. I feel like I almost have multiple personalities and don’t know which version is “me” anymore. It’s a challenge to remember I don’t need EVERYONE to like me.


One has to look after themselves, but putting one self first is not always the way to go. Having said that, I am really struggling with why I bother doing anything for anyone. Other than 2 people, not heard from anyone and one even was ignorant, about what I was going to tip them for Christmas


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“don’t worry about people liking you…. be sure they are doing right by you."

I like the first part but the second part (after the ellipses) is not as cool as the first, in my opinion. If people did anti-religious acts to specifically attack me, I would not “be sure that they are doing right.” I’d most likely just walk away, ignore them, or go to some authority. :stuck_out_tongue:

In this scenario, I would go to the airplane police officer and tell him that the bully is picking on me. :disappointed_relieved:

but I usually don’t go to an authority, unless the person is severely attacking me. Ignoring is usually good enough, in short-term situations. :slight_smile:

looking pretty fly for a white guy

but I only see him from the back.

I do recall you don’t get off on skinny jeans.

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I’m not actually the guy in the picture… :stuck_out_tongue:

the picture is just an example. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

and I don’t wear skinny jeans because I know I’m naturally homely/uncool regardless of my clothes.

love ya, babe’s.

it’s all good.

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At the Christmas party last night I just looked at the placemat said to myself, “Why should I care what these people think of me?”

It became obvious to me that I didn’t really care about the opinions of those people.