Don't want to change my medication but will have to discuss it today, I see Geodon is popular

I am currently on solian and sodium valproate, if I change medication I may have to go into hospital, it’s not that the medication doesn’t work, it’s that it’s not enough. Geodon seems very similar to solian, but perhaps more modern, I would be hesitant about substituting one for the other, but am curious about combining the two, i.e. taking more meds. Sodium valproate is the best thing I’ve had so far as it is leading to me being born again, in a non-religious sense, and this is helping me to focus on the present rather than to carry the burdens of my past around, though I have to admit that sometimes I pine for the nostalgia. Anyway, what do people think about taking solian and Geodon combined, does anyone have any tips or experiences who is similar to me;?

My appointment is at 3pm GMT, so I’d appreciate some advice before then if anyone can please, thank you.