Don't want to be the bad guy anymore

I’m tired of living like I am some bad guy… I want to throw off these chains :chains:


yeah true
you should throw these chains
no one think of you as bad guu they know you as human who has good stuff and bad stuff :))))

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I really want to throw off these CHAINS :chains:

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I think I have to challenge the idea in myself before anybody else will see me differently. I know I am only human not good or bad :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: but I feel like people will do anything to justify their current treatment of me… Regardless of what narratives they use the end result is I deserve to be unhappy…

Write a list of all the things making you unhappy and then work it all out and change things to suit you

I know its easier said than done but it would be a place to start

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