Don't use my name in vain

Said Goddess Annette

Who is Goddess Annette?

I curse at Alien but Sarah I love and respect. A tree is known by their fruit…

She is my central voice, Goddess Annette, who is Radha, Kali, Shakti, virgin Mary, Isis, mother of all etc

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You genuinely respect Sarah? I also have respect and I love my good voices

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I hated my Sarah.

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My sister name is Cali

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From California? What’s the full name?

Did you have a voice called Sarah?

Yeah she was determined to make my life a living hell by badgering me and surveillancing

And now she’s gone?

It’s one of the ten commandments , I remember. Why did Annette use the same commandment?

I hear few but very clear voices today. A few by the 27000 demons and a few by Annette

The full name is Cali. My maternal great grandmother’s name was Callie. Same name just different spelling

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