Don't upset my apple cart

This is random, so I’m just putting this out there. I don’t allow drama in my life. I don’t allow people who live in chaos to draw me in. I will not help someone to the point of them hurting me. I live a boring, routine-driven, drug and alcohol free existence. That is how I survive. That is how I don’t get thrown off the apple cart. I will not let anyone swirl into my world and endanger me in any way. Even if it means saying no.


That’s good Hedgehog. You’re living your life how you want to and on your own terms. It’s good that you’re taking care of yourself. Have a nice night.


Isn’t it weird that all the bad people seem to come around when you do illicit substances and drink?


I won’t, I’m a oragne :blush: Your words are strong and honest. Sometimes the best and safest way to live is the boring way. :slight_smile: Take care.

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We call it “Don’t rock the boat.”. It is wise.

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I feel bad. I’m the one who always stands up and tries to walk to the other end of the boat tripping over everyone’s feet + losing my balance. “We won’t take her on another fishing trip, will we?” Always left out, I suppose, My own Fault?

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