Don't u love getting ur ears cleaned at the docs office?

Thats such a great feeling when they put the softening drops in and then shoot the water in ur ear and everything just falls out. Then u can hear so perfectly and everything feels unclogged. One time i had such a bad buildup of wax in my right ear that it blocked the canal so i couldn’t hear. At first i thought i was going deaf in one ear like my mother who has Ménière’s but then i realized it could be just ear wax. I went to the doctor and it felt soooo good getting that out. It was massive and nasty but it was so pleasent. Hearing is probably my favorite sense out of the 5 btw so i like to keep everything clean in there.


Haha! You are so real. And I mean that in a good way.

I need to get my right ear unclogged, [redacted]

ETA: Is this a TMI post or what?

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Only if u want it to be. And thanks i like being real. I don’t want to be fake then id be inanimate or something

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Here’s one - One time about two months after I’d gotten some huge wax balls washed out of my ears, I’d taken a shower and lay down on my bed and I felt something at my ear + looked and one of those big wax balls had rolled out + landed on my pillow.

It doesn’t excite me to get my ears cleaned. I always hear a high pitched tone anyway. Never complete silence.

A moth once flew into my ear. I am pretty sure it came out. That or it ate my brain.

An ant once went in my ear as a child. Maybe it ate my brain and that’s why we’re so crazy now. We need a poll to see how many people with psychotic disorders have had bugs go in their ears.

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