Don't trust my health?

So I’ve been it a relationship for a whole now. And my bf who is a bit older than me, thinks that I will age first. He thinks that my health will end up bad mentally and psychically and he will end up having to take care of me. Now I don’t feel this way because he’s older. But it broke my heart hearing this. He thinks I’m going to get old and sick just as I fear will happen. Made me sad hearing this. He doesn’t trust that I will stay healthy and will just end up getting sick in the end. I hope it doesn’t end up that way.

I’m no expert, but schizophrenia and bipolar are not degenerative, which means you don’t get worse. This may or may not be true. It more or less depends on how the individual copes with the disease.

The oldest schizophrenic I know is in his seventies, and doing fine. But the thing is this. He never abused alcohol or used illegal drugs. He exercises a lot for his physical and mental health. And because he takes his medicine everyday, he managed to raise a family with healthy kids.

hi @Nzbitnoff,your beautiful,i think it is a sensitive conversation topic,i mean like in my life when people talk about looks,health,hair or age…its always sensitive to me sometimes,and i feel embarassed to discuss about it?strange isnt it?

After experiencing negative symptoms of SZ there is no more situations in life to be afraid of for me. however life has many incidents and accidents in itself so no one can say what will happen in future so don’t worry. tell him what about physically disabling illnesses like strokes or cancer and many other illnesses that can happen to him and make him disabled presuming he will not get a mental illness.

you can’t worry about if’s, but’s and maybe’s enjoy today, it sounds to me your boyfriend was scared or in a bad mood…
take care

Well that’s a horrible thing to say to someone. I guess part if a healthy relationship is being able to openly express your fears, even if they hurt the other, though.

This is probably useless advice, but you’re still young, you’re healthy and from what I gather doing well… Let the future come as it does and cross those bridges when you get to them.