Don't think just do

Where do feelings become thoughts and thoughts become feelings…
We’re do hallucinations become thoughts and thoughts lead to hallucinations…

What happens in the mind is the essence of the self. We all have bodies, but the mind is separate. We can lose a lot of bodies and still have our minds. We can lose a lot of our minds and still have our bodies…

All this chaos. The chaos of the human experience. And we are still just the perceiver. We act and are accountable. But most action is irrelevant. There is an abstract gap between the perceiver and the full human. But what unifies us all is that we are just the perceives. Bearing witness to thought and physical perception.

I want silence. No thought. To just be. This is peace to me.

I understand this world I don’t need to think anymore. I just have to do.

Funny I see the same duality all the time. At work I have two signs put up for all to see.

One of the old IBM signs that says THINK, and a Nike sign that says “Just do it!”

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