Don't think i will come off my property for less than 200k

well whats a house worth? what’s fertile land worth?

my place is only appraised at 57k, and im paying 60k for it. but i won’t sell it for that. land goes so cheap in parts of the midwest. if someone offered me 200k for it, i would probably have to sell it. out west, the places i would like to live are so expensive, so it kinda grates at me, what people accept here.

so i plan on doing another 60-70k in home renovations so all total i will have about 120-130k in it. but other than the road traffic, it’s the perfect little place for me.

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“and if i catch you coming back my way, im going to sell it to you. thats not what you want to hear but that’s what i’ll do”

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