Don't tell me that shyte!

Why would they tell me that?!

I was leaving the store the other day and i started thinking about stephen king’s “it”, i read this book a long time ago, it’s still with me.

But “they” said something, right as i was leaving the store, they said that in a way it was real, it’s just a metaphor though.

They were like “get it?! evil shapeshifting alien clown?! eats kids! feeds off of their fears?! get it?!”

Right in front of a dam grocery store i’ve got these voices who are very real, and not in that kind of “oh it happens to me in my mind so it’s real” i mean that kind of these things are real and they are talking to me right now kind of real!

I don’t want to know this stuff! I just don’t want to know.

“You don’t really do that do you?!” I ask them.

“Only ritualistically, it’s not that we eat or anything, no, we are made of something else. You should be asking why though shouldn’t you? Well, here is why, because it’s wrong, plain and simple, if it’s love we hate it, get it?!” They say.

“And yeah, that book is about us, it really was about us, you live in our world, what did you think it was yours? Nope. It’s ours, and yes, we are hatred, it’s how our bodies work.” They say.

Responding to my thoughts now, “yes it is hypocritical you are right about that most certainly, of course we’d never want to be treated that way, that would be very horrible.” They say. I was thinking how hypocritical they were.

Well, i have to go to the store now, hopefully the “whomever” doesn’t start talking about how shapeshifting alien clowns want to hurt children while im there!

This is just fuqin great you know that!