Don't take Green Tea Extract

GTE was recently found to interfere with ziprasidone, clozapine, and quetiapine (search google for green tea extract and antipsychotics). I took a low-dose GTE for only a few days. I also take Invega. It didn’t go well for me. The EGCG in it might be what interferes with antipsychotic medications according to one site. I know that even black tea that you drink has smaller amounts of EGCG in it. I could be wrong, but I’ve found that drinking 2-4 cups of black tea (decaf) for one day doesn’t go well for me either, despite the positive effects of the l-theanine in it.


Black/Green/White/Oolong tea all come from the same plant (Camellia sinensis) so it wouldn’t be surprising if they all have a bad effect with those meds.

I take daily l-theanine capsules but I am on Lurasidone, don’t have any problems.

Thanks for this information.