Don't Stick It to Big Pharma For Any More Than You've Been Hurt

If you are tempted to get a big settlement over a side effect of a med think about what you are really doing. big pharma gets their money back by raising their prices and some of them make more than scz drugs. So if you get a settlement for something like man boobs just collect enough to get them removed please. The price for your Mom’s heart meds could triple otherwise.


Abilify made me lose lots of money but I can’t face pharmaceuticals alone, they probably have the best lawyers and I will even lose more money…


I’m starting to develop “man boobs” (gynecomastia) from long term risperidone use.

I’m seriously thinking about going on Haldol.

It’s the only other AP that works for me.

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I think Geodon and Seroquel have given me man boobs. I would still prefer them over any typical ap.

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Because of what everyone is saying here know i’m worried i developed man boobs too, i had them already because i eat like crap so i don’t know.

That’s another good point. If the drugs work than the side effects may be worth accepting.

my life expectancy has been greatly reduced by meds, 170 lb weight gain, cholesterol and blood sugar changes, but im not suing for anything. if i die i will die stable


It could be argued that life with full blown psychosis is not worth living anyway.


I hope some day we have a better treatment but for right now drugs are the main deal other than social supports. It’s hard to accept but I’ve learned to do so.

None of the side effects of the typicals are tolerable for me. If they try to put me on one of those I am running. I’ll live on the street and eat out of trash cans. I’ve done it before. I can do it again.

When i read the side effects of the drugs given by psychiatrists i get thoughts that they want to kill me.

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Guess what prostate treatment does to a fella?

Who do I sue?!?



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Then who do we stick it to?

Some of the meds I’ve been prescribed over the years have wreaked havoc on my body— my one saving grace is that I haven’t been diagnosed as diabetic (yet).

Many pdocs are quick to prescribe these medications under the pretense that the pros outweigh the cons.

And sure, some semblance of sanity is great— but the trade-off can come at an astronomical cost for most.

Clearly, I have not fully accepted the damage caused by some of these medications.

Honestly, it seems like it’s just the lesser of two evils sometimes.

I guess it’s just sour grapes at this point.


Maybe you have a point haha

But pharma sticks it to anybody and everybody for every dollar they can get… I’m sure your right tho

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