Dont starve?!

Its an indie game…its a resource management survival game…it has a mental health bar…if you let it drop the char starts going full on sz…shadow monsters come from all over to attack you… one char lights fires ontop of the hallucinations…thought it was interesting twist…its out on ps xbox and the comp…its not expensive and its fun as ■■■■…

sounds cool. I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

Its fun lemme know what you think…

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will do. What console is it on?

Ps xbox pc 15151515

I’m very interested in this thank you

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Ive had it a week and have barely scratched the surface…earlier i cut down too many trees without planting any…the trees decided they had enough and beat the ■■■■ outa me lol…

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what do you play on?

I got a ps4 what bout you

xbox one :slight_smile:

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My ps4 could beat up your xbox one…lol

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I been binge playing because i cant sleep…i had 12 advanced farms, marble floors, stone walls, pets, bees, and the best gear you can make…and i accidently walked into a group of spider nests…i had my forage gear on instead of my fighting gear…and got whored…unlocked a new char but it sucks having to restart…

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