Don't send it

Don’t send it. Don’t sentbthem the depressing stuff. Don’t send them the sad messages. Don’t send them the hopelessness. Don’t send them how much you hate yourself. Done send them how much the world sucks. Don’t send them how hopeless yiu are. Don’t send them how hurt you are. Font send them how much you haute yourself. Don’t send them how much you know. It’s bad. For I am neo. And neo is good. And neo is happy. And neo is positive. Neo doesn’t gey angry. Neo isn’t sad. Neo doesn’t absolutely hate herself. People can’t know that. For what ig they stop liking neo. That would be bad. Very very baf. Bad. Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bsf

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How comes you hate yourself.

Btw it’s okay to be sad.

It’s a normal human emotion.

There are so many reasons. I did imagery therapy once. I went back to when I was an innocent little baby. I imagined holding my baby self. I couldn’t even tell baby self that I loved her. Im an abomination

Maybe real therapy would help? It helps lots of people. I hope you feel better soon

What is the main reason?

Unless it’s private no worries

It’s so easy for people to hate themselves.

I know I lapse into that sphere often times

O don’t know. I just hate myself. I hate thag I can feel other people’s emotions so deeply yet not be able to help. I hate that sometimes I’m really said and that I push it on others. I hate the things I’ve done. I hate the things I haven’t done. I hate the way I look. I hate the things I do. I hate the things I don’t do I hate thay I want friends. K know that I’ll only hurt them. I hate the things I crave. I hate that I feel nice when I cave into those cravings. I hate the way I feel. I hate the way I make others feel. I hate the way I make people worry. I hate the way I crave attention. I hate the way that I made this post. I hate the way that I’m replying to you right now.

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I don’t know what you look like atm.

I don’t like the way I look either.

I’m trying to do things about it though.

I know I could be the most beautiful person in the world and I’d still hate it. I sound like a b1tch

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Nah you sound fine to me

I really think you should see a therapist. Hopefully you can get it for free.

Insurance is stupid. Has been. Sessions from years are ago are coming up while I was on parents insurance. They have to pay at least least 1000 out of pocket.

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Man I’d hate to live in America.

Sounds difficult.

Do you have a friend who knows you well they may have some good advice since they know you better

I hope things get better for you. You sound depressed and stressed.

Do you still have many years left of college.

Don’t be afraid to drop out if it makes a significant difference to your health.

Otherwise, if you can manage it, it would be an amazing achievement

Either option is okay.

Since you are just doing what’s best for you

I have this year then a summer internship then next year. I might drop out anyways depending on how my final goes. I have a final next Wednesday

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Good luck!!

Just try your best

Knowing the final will be over next Wednesday

Something to look forward to, the end of the final.

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