Don't say it 'til you mean it

I haven’t been helping with the chores since my last trip to the hospital and am thinking I have grown strong enough that I can volunteer again. However, I am aware that I will not always feel like doing the work. Since I’m not required to, it might be wiser to save my strength and my feelings of emotional security by not offering. (I always feel like I don’t do well enough so that in itself is a drain.).


I think I deal with something similar. I have an interest in volunteering, but I worry that I can’t keep up with the commitment because I have so many bad days. On the whole, i feel that, right now, it’s better to clean up around the house or do something special with my family on the good days.


I’ve volunteered on 2 occasions in 2017 and 2022.

First time I lasted 5 months. Second time 7 months. I was helping sometimes a couple of times a month, sometimes twice a week for 3.5 hours.

Anyway, I’m happy I did and contributed but right now I’m more interested in learning online.

There is a time for everything.