Don't let them give you that, b.s.!

“I started from nothing, and made a name for myself by hard work.”

So did I! thru writing. I started out writing like crap, but reading more and more novels, poetry anthologies, putting the hard work in.

I might not got the dollar signs, but I made it!


Hi @Daze . How are you. I took a long break from social media. I’m back on occasion.


I’m glad you’re back oolaloola. I hope all is well with you.

@Daze I sort of see writing similar to music in that it is not so much about being successful at it but rather enjoying it for yourself. If you like writing then keep on doing that.

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Hey friend! Yes things are a bit chaotic but I’m alive! Lol. So good to hear from you. Very good to see you here.

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thanks. I don’t want to be back though. it’ll be brief.

hit me up on Facebook.

love to the kids.

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