Don't let anyone tell you that this ain't a bizarre world

Maybe the correct word I’m looking for is “stupid”.
I just read an article about an Indonishan pop star who was performing in an outdoor concert and got bitten in the ankle by a cobra that she uses in her act.

Instead of going to the hospital she went on with her act, even refusing the antidote her crew wanted to give her. She went on with her act but 45 minutes later she went into a seizure and convulsions on stage and collapsed. Her crew rushed her to take her to the hospital but she died before they could get her there.

Maybe stupid is the wrong word. Maybe in her culture or in her part of the world there might be things they know about cobras that we don’t and maybe she knew something we don’t know about snakes that made her believe she wouldn’t die.

What I read was that she had believed it was non-lethal (de-fanged), but perhaps the venom rendered her irrational - which begs the question of duty of care …

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I know someone from that part of the world and she seemed pretty rational about things, bit weird about cats but then cats aren’t venomous. I was with you on the world being bizarre though.