Don't laugh how do I hide this

I decided probably the best way to deal with this situation was to , you know , toys?? Lol. But how do I get them. Without having to hide

Leave the house. Get on a bus. Enter a sex shop. Purchase an item. Leave the sex shop. Go home. Find a good hiding spot. Upon usage make no sounds. :smile:


I’ll need to tell mum coz she’ll go through my stuff.

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Oh well, that’s life. Tell her you’ll buy one so it isn’t a shock.

Your mom goes through your stuff?

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Yeah I have no privacy

That sucks. You should set some boundaries. When you’re stable you can begin to look for a better situation for yourself, I know you want to move out.


I’m just gonna tell her “mum if you want me not to do something stupid…”

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She seems ok with it.


My wife and I have bought toys online on a few occasions and they always come packaged and delivered without there being any possible way for anyone to know what was inside. Even the sender address and business name etc. are disguised.

Even though I can openly discuss and admit it without feeling any shame etc. here with you, I would personally feel way too uncomfortable buying toys in person.


She’d rather it be a toy then this guy lol

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I think I share the same opinion

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Nifty tip, use stuff that doubles as something else so you can keep it in plain sight and it looks inconspicuous. For example like a cucumber or hair brush handle. For vibrations use one of those back massager thingies or anything else similar.

Sorry if any of that is awkward :smile:

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Haha I got a proper vibrator in the end.

Whatever works! Good luck :wink: Much better than getting involved with icky guys that would probably be more about their pleasure than yours anyways.

strangely enough a guy i came across on a dating site…he is half way across the world so i am pretty safe… we’ve decided we want to be friends suggested this to me… he suggested three options… one of them was find a guy to do it with or get toys from the market…

Good wishes,


ann summers adameve are not in the uk? :slight_smile:

Oh, my bad. Well, I imagine you’ve got something on your side of the pond.


don’t lose your virginaty to a toy


Lol @san_pedro are you kidding